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Reactivate Your Hygiene Department Post-Lockdown

Celso Da Costa

Celso Da Costa will provide his top tips and techniques for growing your Hygiene Centre now that lockdown has eased. You’ll learn the tools and skills to kickstart your practice into 1st gear and start thriving once again with maximized patient flow and an enhanced patient experience.


About the Webinar

Getting patients through the front door is just the beginning. Knowing how to motivate a patient to attend your practice is vital to filling your appointment book and keep them returning for a lifetime.

Celso Da Costa worked as the Manager of Dental Hygienists at Adent Dental Clinics in Switzerland. He was instrumental in driving the adoption of Guided Biofilm Therapy in all Adent Hygiene Centers nationwide. Since implementing GBT, profitability grew by a record 85%.
Join us for this exclusive webinar & you too can unlock the power of a strong & profitable hygiene department to not just survive post-Covid but thrive!

Learning Objectives

PPE and practice systems that need to be in place

How best to keep patients updated

How to set up new patients for a lifetime strategy of periodontal health & REPEAT hygienist visits

How a strong Hygiene Centre will combat competition

Celso Da Costa

About the Speaker

Celso Da Costa completed his Dental Hygienist diploma at age 20 years from FMDUL, Lisbon, Portugal.

After one year of private practice in Lisbon and after working as an assistant professor at FMDUL in 2010, he then started working in Switzerland in the year 2011.

He is the Prophylaxis Manager of the group Adent Dental Clinics in Switzerland since 2017 and started a career in dental management obtaining his diploma in Management and Human Ressources.

He was cited by the Portuguese and Swiss press for prophylaxis treatments and dental economics.

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