Importance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Dentists


Continuing professional development is an essential tool for any dental professional. We see changes in practice, technology, and processes every day, and it is vital to stay abreast of these changes to keep offering your patients the highest quality dental services. Continuing professional development (CPD) courses are the best way to refresh and extend your knowledge of the professional practices involved in dental care.

There is no better way to stay up to date with the latest developments in patient care or technology and training in the field. Having a practice filled with dental professionals committed to completing dental CPD courses is a great way to ensure an improvement in patient care and oh-hand knowledge about the latest tools that enhance efficiency and profitability.

The Swiss Dental Academy runs several courses dedicated to preventative dental maintenance, restorations, orthodontics, implant maintenance and periodontics, fulfilling professional obligations for CPD points for dental professionals. Choosing a course comes down to the concepts you want to learn more about or refresh your knowledge.

Read on to learn more about the different CPD courses and other opportunities for professional development with the SDA.

Our Periodontal Courses

Are you looking for a perio course for dentists and dental professionals? SDA’s Advanced GBT Masterclass: Periodontal & Implant Maintenance – Managing the Perio and Implant patient is an excellent choice. It offers a solid combination of considered theoretical learning and more practical, hands-on learning. The course covers:

  • Describing how to assess an implant and going through the protocol for probing, monitoring and recognising the signs of a falling implant
  • Successfully identifying the difference in periodontal diseases and peri-implant diseases and improve disease diagnosis
  • How the GBT protocol can help manage and treat periodontal diseases
  • Hands-on experience using AIRFLOW®, PERIOFLOW® and PIEZON® on simulation models
  • How you can provide greater comfort to patients during clinical procedures and in their subsequent home care
  • Learn the complications that can come with perio and implant treatment and successful techniques to minimise potential complications

Further dental CPD courses to set you apart

As well as our periodontal courses, SDA also offers a PIEZON® Ultrasonics & Ergonomics Masterclass. This intensive CPD masterclass takes participants through how PIEZON ® instrumentation can be successfully integrated into clinical protocols. A key section of this course also covers a better understanding of positioning and ergonomics while conducting maintenance care to reduce patient and practitioner discomfort.

If you have more questions about the dental CPD courses offered by the SDA, please get in touch. You can look at our SDA Courses page for more detailed information on costs, learning outcomes and when these courses are running.

‘It was a wonderful, fun and informative day filled with great knowledge and a useful hands-on component.’ - Anh Nguyen, Dentist, NSW.

Dental CPD courses: in practice

If you’re finding several people at your practice searching for dental CPD courses and opportunities, it may be easier to bring things in-house. This is where the SDA’s In Practice Courses come in.

With an SDA In Practice CPD dental course, a certified Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) trainer will come to your practice and help the team to integrate the GBT protocol into your current professional processes successfully.

As with all the SDA courses, this In Practice course provides theoretical and practical opportunities for those undertaking it. They will learn all about the latest changes in the world of prevention and maintenance, including the Guided Biofilm Therapy protocol and the impact of Biofilm on oral and systematic diseases, as well as:

  • The latest minimally-invasive technologies, including AIRFLOW®, PERIOFLOW® and PIEZON®
  • Case studies discussion, clinical evidence
  • Hands-on training
  • GBT as a practice builder
  • Successful implementation of GBT in your practice
  • Q&A and open discussion.

If this sounds like something you practice could benefit from, reach out to us today. Contact Tabitha Acret, our education manager, at [email protected], or head to our In Practice courses page and register your interest with us.

Flexible Dental CPD Courses: EMS Webinars

Between professional and personal commitments, it can sometimes take work for dentists, dental hygienists or other dental professionals to find the time for CPD courses. This is why SDA offers a range of different webinars that can also count towards CPD points. These free webinars allow you to learn when it suits you, as you can attend live or watch back on-demand.

Take a look at our SDA webinars for more information on our webinars.

‘The course was useful for a recent graduate in learning about implant cleaning and maintenance protocols. It was very useful to get this from a specialist periodontist perspective.’  - Edward Chin, Dentist, NSW.

Preventative dentistry sets you apart

Continuing professional development is vital to setting yourself and your practice apart as someone who takes patient oral health seriously. The dental CPD courses offered through the SDA mainly focus on preventative dentistry and implant maintenance. Specialising in this high-demand area as a practice can set you apart from other dental professionals.

Choose your interest, and away you go.

The important thing to remember about professional development is that there is no limit to how often and how much you can learn. The SDA’s dental CPD courses are for dentists, dental hygienists and dental professionals at all stages of their careers. Any of our SDA dental CPD courses are there for you.

  • GBT Fundamentals - Mastering Preventive Dentistry in the 21st Century.
  • Advanced GBT Masterclass: Periodontal & Implant Maintenance – Managing the Perio and Implant patient
  • Advanced GBT Masterclass: Intensive PIEZON® Ultrasonics & Ergonomics Masterclass

Our talented team of clinical educators are experts in their field and are ready to ensure your learning experience is the best it can be. Crucially, our courses don’t just focus on practical skills; they detail how continued learning opportunities can help practitioners increase the profitability of their practice, reduce staff turnover, and improve patient retention with their expertise.

Find out more about the masterclasses SDA offers, and get in touch with us today about the different learning opportunities from the SDA.

‘Great hands-on component, excellent speaker. Prof Ian Meyers is a wealth of knowledge and gives a great overview of the ways that AIRFLOW ® can be incorporated into general dental practice.’ - Nicole Stott, Dentist, QLD.

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