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What is the PIEZON® Technology?

40 years after inventing PIEZON® technology, EMS remains the gold standard in ultrasonic scaling. Discover the features and benefits of PIEZON® technology to elevate your performance and your patients’ experience at the same time.

All new PIEZON® devices use piezoceramics to convert the smart electronic signal of the PIEZON® NO PAIN module into a mechanical vibrational motion which activates the PIEZON® Instrument in a perfectly linear motion.

PIEZON No Pain Trilogy

The PIEZON® No Pain Trilogy: PIEZON® No Pain Module + PIEZON® No Pain Handpiece + PIEZON® Instrument. All must be used in perfect unison to achieve the PIEZON NO® Pain Effect.

The PIEZON® Handpiece product range brings our customers unparalleled ultrasonic quality, new levels of dexterity, speeds in oscillation that are redefining industry standards and more; all with a minimal-invasive capability. At the heart of this market leading performance is a state-of-the-art piezoceramic disc technology which, when coupled with the innovative PIEZON NO-PAIN module, means that all PIEZON® Handpieces can deliver unsurpassed levels of precision and linear oscillation.

The ergonomic design with a pen-style grip is a key factor in the advanced capabilities of the PIEZON® Handpiece. Benefit from greater maneuverability and superior access thanks to its lightweight body and slender nose-tip. Developed around the concepts of conservative treatment and maximum patient comfort, the PIEZON® Handpieces have a built-in 5,000 Kelvin LED light to secure bright natural daylight and exclusive surgical-grade stainless steel PIEZON instruments with jewel-grade polishing.

Product Features

  • Unibody construction for low operating noise & vibrations for improved user comfort and easier maintenance
  • Six durable, encapsulated LED lights
  • 5,000 Kelvin to secure brighter natural daylight for better diagnosis
  • Automatic LED on/off upon handpiece pick-up and put-down
  • Optimal diameter and ergonomic design for pen-style grip
  • Relaxing grasp for accuracy, control and elimination of pressure points
  • Lightweight and well balanced to reduce hand fatigue
  • Thin handpiece nose for better visibility and accessibility
  • Medical-grade resin body for high durability
  • Innovative light guide with micro-lens for improved light-focus
  • Thermodisinfectable and sterilizable
EN-060 Piezon Led HP ph
PIEZON Application Box

What's Inside

1 PIEZON® LED Handpiece
2 3 PIEZON® PS Instruments – recommended for 95% of all scaling treatments. Ideal for sensitive patients, children and recalls. Effective in both sub and supragingival areas up to 9mm
3 4 LED light guides – replacement set




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PIEZON Handpiece spray
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