Get a YES to  AIRFLOW® in 5 Steps

If you love AIRFLOW® & Guided Biofilm Therapy but do not have the purchase power in your dental practice, this guide will help you to convince your boss why the AIRFLOW® Dental Spa is a good investment. All by just following 5 Steps:

  • Align your proposal to match your boss's goals
  • Check the scientific evidence behind AIRFLOW® and Guided Biofilm Therapy
  • Create a Business Plan
  • Present your case
  • Book a free in-practice demo

In this free guide, you will learn:

How to Save Time

With AIRFLOW® clinicians can save about 10 – 12 minutes of instrumentation time per patient.

How to Make Profit

AIRFLOW® allows clinicians to remove biofilm in a more effective and efficient way.

How to Improve your Recall Rate

A happy patient is a returning patient, and one who will refer you to friends, family, co-workers, etc.

How to Create a Business Plan

Let numbers speak for themselves and calculate how much profit you can expect with AIRFLOW® & GBT

What dentists that got convinced say...

About 6 months ago one of my awesome hygienists approached me excited about some new technology that she would like to implement at our practice. Deb approached me with a fairly detailed business plan regarding what we could achieve to save in time in the hygiene room by implementing AIRFLOW technology, included with the benefits for patient comfort as well as improved biofilm removal. As a business owner but also a dedicated dentist, hygiene and maintenance is a priority in my practice. This sounded like a no brainer. On top of the improved technology, we were looking at spinning our hygiene processes upside down. The main difference was doing our oral hygiene instruction with the patient at the beginning of the appointment and using simple disclosing solutions as part of the education process. A few weeks later the AIRFLOW machine was delivered and installed. Apart from a few teething issues the implementation was seamless and immediate report back from patients was that this was the best and most comfortable appointment with a hygienist they had ever experienced. The results with biofilm removal were also impressive.
As time went on and the AIRFLOW was being utilised by other members of our hygiene team the initial resistance turned to excitement and friendly in-house arguments regarding who got to use the AIRFLOW. My hygiene team once again cornered me to explain to me in no uncertain terms that a second AIRFLOW would be necessary as soon as possible. The order has been placed and we are waiting delivery!

Dr Martin Goldfeld
Caulfield Park Dentists (VIC)

We had a flat out hygiene department that struggled to maintain hygiene particularly for ortho and implant patients. Disclosing just was too hard. GBT has improved our patient experience. They love the warmth of the water and non-contact of the AIRFLOW®. The best part is that wow after feeling. GBT & AIRFLOW® Dental Spa enables you to do things that you haven't done before. There is no going back.

Dr Susannah Wilson
Manawatu Dental Group (New Zealand)

My time before using AIRFLOW® & the Guided Biofilm Therapy protocol was a very sad situation with messy prophy powders that weren't really doing anything to help my patients. Since incorporating it in my practices I have seen improvements in my returning patients especially the ones with difficult problems that can now be fixed reasonably easy. It's a more comfortable experience not just for my patients but for me. Whilst I'm working, I can actually see the biofilm and stains coming off the surface of the tooth and from inside the perio pocket. Patients with implants actually have better long-term results. The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is extremely streamlined and can easily be integrated into your clinic - on benchtops and/or in a cupboard space. AIRFLOW® & Guided Biofilm Therapy is the future of dentistry!

Dr Jeremy Vo
Periodontist at Australian Dental Specialists (NSW)

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