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The original PIEZON® technology has  been a leader in the prophylaxis market for more than 40 years. As part of the Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) protocol, the technology keeps on evolving to offer a minimally invasive, pain-free treatment to all patients while being the most efficient and easy to use for clinicians.

Designed around the original PIEZON PS NO PAIN® technology, the new PIEZON® PI MAX Instrument is the best instrument for non-surgical, periodontal treatments on implants, veneers, crowns, restorations, etc. It removes biofilm and calculus supra- and subgingivally up to 3mm without damaging the surfaces. With its slim and smooth design, the new PIEZON® PI MAX is gum-friendly, minimally invasive and preventive, for maximum patient comfort.


The new PIEZON® PI MAX Instrument is the thinnest instrument for peri-implant treatments up to 3 mm. Being as thin as a perio probe, the instrument offers a maximum of accessibility around the implant abutments and reduces the risk of pain. With a significantly increased flexibility, all sensitive surfaces can be cleaned safely. The instrument is made of a medical-grade stainless steel support and a high-tech Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) instrument tip, filled with 30% carbon. The special composition of the instrument tip does not damage the implant surface during the treatment. The PEEK charged with carbon delivers correct flexibility and a linear movement.

The PI MAX Instrument easily debrides calculus with surgical precision thanks to its linear movements and optimized power. Controlled movements ensure constant treatment outputs and protect the patient’s teeth at all times. Combined with the original NO PAIN module, the instrument shape and its linear motion deliver the efficiency and the comfort of the treatment.

Treatment Recommendations

Thanks to the original EMS combitorque, the PI MAX Instrument can be installed safely and without the risk of damaging the handpiece. Always start the treatment at a low power level (30%) and increase if needed (up to 50%). The water setting should be above 70% at all times.

Once worn off, after approximately 20 treatments (= 3 mm), the instrument tip can be easily changed thanks to the PI MAX Tool. The tool helps to check the wear of the tip and to replace it if necessary. To maintain high patient comfort as well as instrument efficiency, the wear should be checked regularly. The support can be reprocessed up to 1000 times.

The PIEZON® PI MAX Instrument is suitable for all patients with implants, crowns, restorations, veneers or orthodontic appliances. It is compatible with all original PIEZON® handpieces and EMS devices with NO PAIN technology.


Removes calculus supra- and subgingivally up to 3 mm:

  • Around implants
  • Around veneers
  • Around crowns
  • Around orthodontic appliances
  • Primary teeth


  • Debrides implant and restoration surfaces
  • Thinnest instrument for periodontal pocket treatments on the market
  • Maximized accessibility
  • Linear movements and optimized power for higher efficiency and patient comfort
  • Special material (PEEK charged with 30% carbon) to avoid damage on implants thus reducing the risk of peri-implant diseases
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Can be used with all original PIEZON® handpieces and EMS devices with NO PAIN technology.

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Being as thin as a periodontal probe, the instrument offers maximum access to all areas.

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High patient comfort thanks to its slim size, linear movement and controlled power.

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PEEK material is biocompatible and does not damage the implant.


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