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Free Dental Webinars

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SDA offers a range of different webinars for dentists, dental hygienists and other dental professionals that count towards CPD Hours.

Between professional and personal commitments, it can be difficult to find time to complete a half or full-day course. These free webinars allow you to learn when it suits you. You can attend live, or you can watch back on demand. You’ll receive a CPD certificate after completing your webinar, which must be downloaded within a 2-year period from the date of the live stream to ensure your CPD points are up to date. 

Contact us today for more information about our free dental webinars with CPD certificates, and kick-start your further learning journey.

Upcoming Webinars

Implant Maintenance
28th August 2024

Implant Health: The Money is in the Maintenance

Dr Chris Barker
This webinar will examine the real-time dental implant surgery costs vs. restoring implants vs. regular support care. The risk-reward ratios will surprise you.
7th August 2024

Periodontal Health: When to Treat, When to Refer?

Dr Annamaria Sordillo
The decision to treat perio patients in-house or to refer can often be challenging. In this webinar, Dr Annamaria will discuss the key clinical and non-clinical factors that influence this decision.

On-Demand Webinars

15th May 2024

Emergency Care Nightmares: Managing Periodontal Pain Presentations

Dr Marina Kamel
Dr Marina Kamel will discuss the nature and physiology of periodontal pain, various acute periodontal conditions, their diagnostic criteria, and their management.
1st May 2024

Maximising Profits in Your Dental Practice

Dr Anna Sahafi
Join us for a discussion with Dr Anna Sahafi, who has successfully integrated AIRFLOW® and GBT into her practice and boosted her profitability.
10th April 2024

Connecting the Dots: Exploring the Links Between Periodontitis and Systemic Health

Dr Rebecca Ellis
The presentation will delve into the intricate relationship between periodontitis and systemic health, addressing how periodontal disease can impact overall well-being.
Implant Maintenance
29th November 2023

Peri-Implants: From General to Specialist

Dr Meredith Owen & Tabitha Acret
Learn how to identify the early stages of peri-implant disease, when to treat, when to recall and when to refer.
8th June 2023

The DentalCON Roundtable: Answering the top questions from DentalCON & more!

Tabitha Acret, Prof Axel Spahr, Dr Tony Saad & Dr Rebecca Ellis
The DentalCON Roundtable will answer the top questions asked during the DentalCON Summit.
Guided Biofilm Therapy
10th August 2022

Biofilm proves no match for Guided Biofilm Therapy

Dr Annamaria Sordillo
Dr Annamaria Sordillo, will analyse the steps of the GBT compass and evaluate the newly available clinical studies to uncover the “why” and “how” behind this protocol.
14th July 2022

The Great Orthodontic-Periodontic Relationship

Dr Derek Mahony
The webinar will focus on the management of perio disease in orthodontic patients, the best ortho treatment available, and how to handle possible complications.
Guided Biofilm Therapy
23rd June 2022

The Art of Patient Communication

Sahil Bareja
Discover how GBT can help build better communication within the practice, optimise patient care and build both profitability and productivity.
Implant Maintenance
19th May 2022

The Battle of Peri-Implantitis

Dr Marina Kamel
Gain first-hand knowledge on peri-implantitis from Dr Marina Kamel, a Periodontist based in Brisbane, with extensive experience in periodontics and implant dentistry.
Guided Biofilm Therapy
15th February 2022

How To Optimise Your Prevention Care Technique

Tabitha Acret
During this webinar award-winning hygienist Tabitha Acret will look at why adopting the right technique is key to GBT success.
18th November 2021

It Takes Two: From Good to Great Teamwork

Sarah Laing
Join Sarah Laing as she shares and discusses common challenges to teamwork in healthcare and how to overcome them.
28th October 2021

Infant & Child Oral Care: Your Role as a Dental Practitioner

Jennifer Mankelow
This webinar is focused on current issues surrounding paediatric dentistry and tips and tricks for dealing with our little patients.
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