Only use original PIEZON® instruments and handpieces

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Why you should only use the original PIEZON®

Today, the main treatment fields for Piezon® applications are scaling, periodontal debridement, endodontics and restorative.

Each Swiss Quality EMS Piezon® instrument and handpiece has been designed following the principles of the Piezon® system invented by Pierre Mabille for EMS to assure clinicians that all benefits from using Piezon® technology can be obtained.

The original Piezon® system is composed of the electronic module and software, the handpiece and the instrument. All together work in harmony and synergy to deliver a perfect instrument linear oscillation, a perfect power control, a perfect efficiency and an incomparable comfort for the patient.

Only original EMS Piezon® instruments and handpieces assure that the Piezon® power is used to its full extent, that the tooth anatomy is respected and that the patient comfort is achieved.


PS instrument is considered the most versatile prophylaxis instrument with a coverage of 95% of all clinical indications. It also delivers scientifically proven cleaning efficiency and extreme comfort to patients.

For heavy calculus, the P instrument is recommended to begin with initial therapy.

Instruments_comparison A P PS_high res
FS-462 PIEZON Application with 3 instruments - new packaging

There are copy tips and handpieces sold as fitting EMS Piezon® units. These tips and handpieces cannot be compared to an original EMS product: they do not correspond to any EMS quality standard and never match the EMS micrometric manufacturing precision.

This is why the use of such copy tips and handpieces voids the warranty of the concerned EMS equipment. Additionally, the practitioner legal liability could be engaged in case of an accident during the treatment with a copy tip or handpiece.

In fact, EMS certifications and safety tests are conducted with the complete system and only the EMS Original complete system is CE marked and registered internationally.

With the copy tips, the power is lost at the tip, the efficiency is lower and the treatment takes longer. Also, patient comfort is compromised with the copy tips due to uncontrolled lateral vibrations and extra load applied by the user to compensate power loss at the tip of the instrument.

In addition, copy tips resonate at different frequencies, copy tips and handpieces deliver different amplitudes and most tips have a hardness higher than enamel all of which can be responsible for soft and hard tissue damage and/or increased patient pain.

Thread is damaged from use of a copy tip

Tips which are not original EMS destroy the thread of the handpiece (via extraordinary natural cavitation) and may achieve no resonance at all (no frequency match), creating a loss of efficiency and at the same time unnecessary expenses for the clinician. In addition to this, other studies have shown the perfect polished EMS Piezon® instruments surface (jewelry grade) - even after use - which ensures a gentle treatment without damaging the tooth enamel and root surface. Other tips may damage enamel and the root surface as the tip surface wears out very quickly after a few treatments.

Figure 1 shows the surface of an Original EMS Piezon® instrument and Figure 2 the surface of another tip.

Figure 3 shows the results on the root surface after a gentle treatment with an original EMS Piezon® instrument.

Fig 1

Figure 1

EMS original tip 1000 times magnified. SEM picture shows a very smooth tip surface.

Fig 2

Figure 2

Other tip 1000 time magnified, SEM picture. Surface roughness can be clearly distinguished.

Fig 3

Figure 3

Root surface after treatment with EMS Piezon® unit in combination with instrument P for Perio, SEM picture 1000 times magnification.

copy vs original EMS instrument

Original EMS Piezon® instruments are made of high-tech stainless steel following the highest manufacturing, safety and quality standards. As a result, they have a lifetime longer than all other tips made of stainless steel of lower quality and assure a safe treatment to the patient.

An EMS study on PS instruments showed that 60% of 1103 dental professionals complete 2000-3000 scaling sessions with an Original EMS Swiss Instruments PS which translated into costs of 0.03-0.05 € per session. Therefore, even though copy tips can be bought at a relatively lower price, they will cost the practitioner time, efficiency, safety, treatment predictability and patient comfort.

Using exclusively original EMS Piezon® products ensures the clinician to take advantage of all the benefits recognized by clinical research to the modern treatment with EMS ultrasonic scalers and it is the only path to achieve a successful treatment.


Download the EMS Connect app and find out if your instrument is an original*.

*Only applies to new EMS Instruments acquired after 1 September 2019.


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