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The ultimate success with Guided Biofilm Therapy

GBT Lounge
GBT Lounge Sideview

The GBT Lounge fits into even the smallest practice rooms. Including all necessary features to offer the best possible preventive care treatment, it adapts to every dental clinic. The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master, the optimised workflow ergonomics, the comfortable, floating dental chair and the bright colour scheme offer an "I FEEL GOOD" feeling to patients and clinicians.

“I love offering a spa experience to my patients whilst giving them an expert preventive care treatment.”

Marleen Goossen
Dental Hygienist

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The GBT Lounge is a unique solution for performing GBT on the highest level. The fully integrated AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master offers a pain-free preventive care treatment at the highest level, working with state-of-the-art technologies such as AIRFLOW® MAX, PERIOFLOW® and PIEZON PS/PI MAX. Including all necessary features, the GBT Lounge offers a holistic solution for the best possible GBT treatments in an optimised work environment.



The GBT Lounge has been designed to improve the ergonomic workflow for clinicians. The floating chair offers extra legroom to maintain an ergonomic position throughout the whole treatment whilst being able to treat the patient from every angle. The GBT stool adds to the ergonomic positioning by allowing the clinician to treat in a healthy posture all day. Thanks to the integrated AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master and the wireless foot pedal, there are no more cables on the floor. Touchless dispensers and the ultra-long-reach light improve the ease of work and maintain the highest possible level of hygiene.

GBT Lounge Patients


Thanks to its bright colour scheme, the ultra-relax upholstery of the chair and the comfortable GBT treatment, the GBT Lounge creates an outstanding patient experience. Preventive care treatments in a spa-like environment make your practice stand out and patients are happy to come back for the recall.

GBT Lounge Sideview


The "I FEEL GOOD" experience that the GBT Lounge offers to patients leads to an increased recall rate. Patients recommend your practice to family and friends, which allows you to welcome new patients to your practice. Providing an extraordinary workspace, you will be able to attract new employees more easily. The GBT Lounge takes your practice to the next level and is a guarantor for business success.

“€300,000 turnover/per is generated additionally by the two GBT Lounges. This is one of many reasons why the GBT Lounges have paid off for my practice.”

Dr Kathrin Bajrami-Kober

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AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master

> Offer the best, pain-free preventive care treatment with the latest technologies such as AIRFLOW® MAX, PERIOFLOW® and PIEZON® PS/PI MAX

> Fully integrated into the chair

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Floating Chair

> Ultra-relax upholstery for ultimate patient comfort
> Maximized legroom
> Ergonomic flexibility
> Built-in tray with 360° rotation

Stool Icon


> Ergonomically improved posture
> Saddle seat
> Adjustable sitting angle

Foot Pedal Icon

Wireless Pedal

> No cables on the floor
> Wireless connection to your Airflow® Prophylaxis Master

LED Light Icon

LED Light

> Intensity up to 50,000 Lux
> Touchless sensor for improved hygiene

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> Washing unit
> Touchless dispensers for consumables
> Stores consumables for up to 14 days

GBT Lounge Chair
GBT Lounge
GBT Lounge Chair Front
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