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The SWISS DENTAL ACADEMY provides training programs designed for dental professionals like you. Established in 2005, today SDA has a presence in 40 countries across Europe, the US, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania. Every year over 3,000 courses worldwide provide professional training in state-of-the art technologies that improve the quality of your treatments. You’ll leave with the tools to create a high performing practice where patients are retained and regular.

Happy Patients = Happy Clinicians!

Taking the new courses at the SWISS DENTAL ACADEMY assures you of an important competitive edge.

Learn proven strategies to:

  • Increase profitability
  • Increase patient recalls
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Increase patient retention
  • Create profitable perio, implant and restorative maintenance programs
  • And so much more!

All courses are delivered by experienced Swiss-trained educators and suited to your needs wherever you are in your career for your on-going professional learning.

Course Types





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Mastering Preventive Dentistry

In-depth, hands-on training for foundational skills in GBT. Aimed at the whole dental team to discover the 8 steps of Guided Biofilm Therapy and all 22 applications.

Advanced Perio Icon(1)

Periodontal & Implant Maintenance

Half day hands-on masterclass focused on periodontal and implant maintenance. If you are placing implants, this course is a MUST!

Advanced Restorative Icon(1)

Restorative Dentistry Masterclass

Half a day hands-on training focused on the applications and implications of GBT in Restorative Dentistry presented by renowned Professor Ian Meyers.

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Ultrasonics & Ergonomics Masterclass

Half day hands-on masterclass focused on how to perfect your PIEZON® technique and optimise your ergonomics.



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1 hour of online learning providing a general overview of GBT or focusing on a specific topic.

Designed for all clinicians – non GBT users and existing GBT customers.

Educators & Trainers

Prof Axel Spahr

A/Prof Axel Spahr
Head of Periodontics at Sydney Dental Hospital 

Prof Ian Meyers

Prof Ian Meyers
Honorary Professor at University of QLD School of Dentistry

Dr Chris Barker

Dr Chris Barker
Principal Periodontist at Proactive Perio in Brisbane

Dr Wendy Gill

Dr Wendy Gill
Periodontist at Alliance Periodontics in Perth

Tabitha Acret

Tabitha Acret
International Trainer & award-winning Dental Hygienist


Very informative and great to get the hands on experience.

Justine Medin
Dental Hygienist

The information is unique to the equipment on show as it is a game changer in dentistry.

Dr Philip Hand

Highly informative and the most helpful course I have attended in improving my patient comfort.

Chanelle Winterburn
Oral Health Therapist

This particular course was extremely helpful with important information about implant maintenance. The EMS AIRFLOW is absolutely a non negotiable essential for dental practices.

Skye Swan
Dental Hygienist

This course was useful for a recent graduate in learning about implant cleaning and maintenance protocols. It was very useful to get this from a specialist periodontist perspective.

Dr Edward Chin

The Swiss Dental Academy course presented by Dr Christopher Barker on Guided Biofilm Therapy and the correct use of the EMS AIRFLOW and piezoelectric equipment was incredible. Well worth the time and journey!! I feel well enabled to now use the equipment effectively in private practice. My patients will be very happy and thoroughly cleaned.

Danielle Allen
Oral Health Therapist

This course was very informative and engaging. Having a smaller group allowed us to have the full attention of the presenter and GBT team with one on one education. This has differed from other courses due to the size and content being presented that was boring and unable to be tailored to individual needs.

Taylor Wolf
Oral Health Therapist

I found this workshop very beneficial and believe I gained a lot of experience in using both airflow and perioflow.
I really enjoyed the way the workshop was presented, being succinct and loved the hands-on component. Dr Chris Barker was very informative and answered all questions and provided a lot of valuable information, especially with the hands-on component. I feel a lot more confident and excited to follow the GBT protocol.

Renae Rowland
Oral Health Therapist

This course was very thorough and included both theory and practical elements. The theory was very easy to understand, there was a good mix of refreshing information I already knew and new ideas that I can apply to my everyday practice. The practical component allowed enough time for all participants to have a generous amount of hands-on training in an environment that was both supportive and informative. It really just felt like a group of colleagues sharing experiences and knowledge rather than being lectured.

Ebony Woods
Oral Health Therapist

Comprehensive course on Airflow and GBT with great practical and useful advice from a very competent and practicing practitioner. Great balance between academic and hands on interaction. Loved that the presenter discussed other brands and products (not necessarily EMS) that worked well in her practice on a day to day basis and made me feel like the presentation was fair and honest. Great food and loved that the course was limited to small numbers and run from a local practice. Overall it was a wonderful event.

Dr Nomikos Rakkas
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