Guided Biofilm Therapy

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We all know cost is one of the main reasons people avoid the dentist, but the other factor holding them back is fear of the pain.

Imagine if you could confidently promote 'pain-free' check-ups and cleans while giving your patients the best (clinically proven) clean of their lives.

With AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master - you can.


Benefit your patients as well as your practice

Increase your WOM referrals

Increase your retention rate

Increase your bottom line

How to secure your Trial

  1. Complete the form
  2. Confirm your trial spot with a fee of $100 – reimbursed upon purchase
  3. Enjoy 5 days of transformative GBT with the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master and expert guidance from a certified EMS Product Specialist

Want to see how this will work in your practice? We've got you covered.

Book your no-obligation, 5-day trial of the EMS AIRFLOW®.*

We'll provide you with:

  • The consumables you'll need to get started
  • Full training on the system for you and your team
  • Complimentary airline installation

What have you got to lose?

*We're sorry to say that this trial is only available for customers located in metro areas in NSW, VIC, QLD, and WA. Please get in touch with us to discuss alternative options if you're outside these areas.

An ‘everyday treatment’ or an exceptional treatment?

As well as your all-day/every-day check-up and clean appointments, EMS AIRFLOW® is perfect for:

Paediatric Dentistry Icon

Children's Dentistry: no stabby instruments!

Orthodontics Icon

Orthodontic Patients: easily clean around brackets and prevent staining

Implantology Icon

Dental Implant Patients: safely clean implant surfaces and avoid peri-implantitis

Periodontology Icon

Perio Patients: deep, pain-free cleaning of pockets up to 9mm

General Dentistry Icon

Sensitive Patients: they will actually enjoy coming in for a clean!

What other Clinicians say

We see a lot of anxious patients who are much happier as AIRFLOW® is so comfortable and gentle. AIRFLOW® and Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is perfect for sensitivity and recession. Sensitivity was a big issue with traditional cleaning. Now, no patients complain, and our hygienist loves it. It's a game changer, and patients are very happy.

Dr Mary-Anne Slater

My time before using AIRFLOW® & GBT was a very sad situation with messy prophy powders that didn't help my patients. Since incorporating AIRFLOW® in my practices, I've seen improvements in my returning patients. It's a more comfortable experience not just for my patients, but for me. Implant patients actually have better long-term results. AIRFLOW® & GBT Therapy is the future of dentistry!

Dr Jeremy Vo

AIRFLOW® has been on our wish list for years. The recent employment of 2 hygienists prompted us to move. The benefits in terms of efficiency and efficacy are a substantial leap forward from the rubber cup and prophy paste. Our hygienists are excited and energised by the technology. Our patients are better served. Take the leap, you won't regret it.

Dr Chris Taylor

AIRFLOW® has revolutionised my practice; my clients love the experience, from the disclosing where they admit they learn so much about their oral hygiene to the full treatment, where they experience a superior clean with very little discomfort and sensitivity. My perio treatment outcomes have been so much better and maintenance is a breeze! My profitability has increased, and so has my patient base.

Lyn Whittle
Dental Hygienist

Our flat-out hygiene department struggled to maintain hygiene for ortho and implant patients. Disclosing just was too hard. Guided Biofilm Therapy has improved our patient experience. Patients love the warm water and non-contact of the AIRFLOW®. The best part is that 'wow' after feeling. There is no going back.

Dr Susannah Wilson

Flexible Finance for Zero Stress

We've Partnered with Credabl to offer repayments of just $999 per month.

Start seeing the game-changing benefits of AIRFLOW® and GBT and get a return on your investment at the same time.

Not ready for a Trial? We get it.

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Choose one of your most sensitive patients (you know - the one who goes 'that hurts' before you've even lifted an instrument), and one of our specialists will bring the EMS AIRFLOW® to you so you can try it for yourself.

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Want to learn how AIRFLOW® and GBT can be the ultimate practice builder, but poor on time? Book a chat with one of our GBT specialists and learn everyone benefits from Guided Biofilm Therapy.

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