Guided Biofilm Therapy

What is Guided Biofilm Treatment?

This process is the systematic solution for the management of dental biofilm. With professional prevention and maintenance as the method of treatment, the state of the art AIRFLOW®, PERIOFLOW® and PIEZON® technologies are used. 


Guided Biofilm Therapy consists of the least invasive and most comfortable dental treatment you’ve ever received for teeth cleaning and plaque removal. These are based on achieving appropriate results for an individual patient once their diagnosis has been given. 


The 8 Steps of the GBT Protocol are as follows:

  1. Assess - Probing and screening each clinical case for healthy teeth, infections, periodontitis etc.
  2. Disclose - Make the biofilm visible and give awareness to patients about problematic areas.
  3. Motivate - Raise awareness about prevention for patients by providing instructions around dental hygiene.
  4. AIRFLOW®- Remove biofilm, stains and any early calculus with AIRFLOW® for natural teeth, restorations, orthodontics and implants 
  5. PERIOFLOW® - Remove biofilm in deep pockets and root furcations and on implants with the use of the new and slimmer PERIOFLOW® Nozzle.

  6. PIEZON® PS - Remove calculus with EMS PS instrument, taking care to clean pockets with a mini curette.

  7. Check - Tell your patient to smile and do your final check for any remaining biofilm, calculus and protect with fluoride.
  8. Recall - A healthy patient is a happy patient. Ask them if they liked the treatment and how they feel afterwards.


Based on clinically proven technologies invented at EMS, Guided Biofilm Therapy was expertly developed by an incredibly knowledgeable team and is used by dental hygienists, general dentists, orthodontics and periodontitis the world over.

As this is a predictable, risk-oriented and very user-friendly type of treatment, it can be adapted for individual patients and different age groups.

Benefits of Adopting Guided Biofilm Therapy

  • GBT makes patients happy - clean teeth = healthy body 

  • Prevents periodontal and peri-implant disease
  • Early detection of white spots and dental caries
  • Maintain implants, restorations and orthodontic appliances
  • Higher patient engagement and patient flow 
  • Decreases downtime (no more gaps, cancellations and no-shows)
  • Empowers hygiene teams and reduces staff turnover 
  • Optimises dental practice workflows
  • Increases referrals for dentists and specialists 
  • Simple and repeatable practice builder 

Expert Equipment and Products for Dental Practices

EMS has a wide range of professional equipment and products designed for optimal dental care in your practice including AIRFLOW Powders, table top equipment, Swiss instruments and accessories. 

Join the Guided Biofilm Therapy revolution today - and purchase an AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master 


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