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How to introduce AIRFLOW® to your dental practice?

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AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master vs AIRFLOW® Handy - Which one is better and why?

The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is EMS’ latest innovation for optimal performance application of the “Guided Biofilm Therapy” (GBT).The device is built to cater for the 3 core GBT treatments AIRFLOW® + PERIOFLOW® + PIEZON®, thus providing a comprehensive solution for prophylaxis and periodontal treatment.

  • Significantly lower powder consumption
    >> AIRFLOW® Handy 3.0 or 2+ consume over 80% more powder than the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master.
  • Versatility & safety
    >> It’s important to be able to adapt powder settings based on the condition of a patients’ soft and hard tissues, the amount of  plaque deposit, the type of stains and the powder and the handpiece in use (AIRFLOW® or PERIOFLOW®). The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master has a built-in regulator that allows the user to deliver a precise and constant amount of powder and water for a superior clean. There is no regulator on the Handys.
  • Less frequent refilling of the powder chamber due to a larger capacity
    >> Up to 6 GBT treatments without refilling the powder chamber!
  • Higher patient comfort due to adjustable water temperature

AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master vs Handy

What are the weight and the dimensions of the AIRFLOW® device?

Weight: 5kg max. (full operating condition)

Height: 245 mm

Width: 260 mm

Length: 290 mm

What are the weight and the dimensions of the Wireless Foot Pedal?

Diameter: 135 mm

Height: 35 mm

Weight: 0.35kg max.

What are the operating conditions for the AIRFLOW® device?

The device has to be used in a temperature between 10 and 35 °C, humidity between 30 and 75% and an altitude maximum of 2000m.

What are the storage conditions for the AIRFLOW device?

The device has to be stored in temperature between -10 and 30 °C with no water inside, humidity between 10 and 95% not condensed and pressure between 500 and 1060 hPa.

What are the input & output fluids?

Input Fluids

  • Water: pressure 2-5bar, temperature 10-30°C, salinity 0.2% max., hardness from 8 to 12°dH, minimum flow-rate 100ml/min, RECTUS 20KA connector type. EN-1717 compliant water network/inlet is required.
  • Air: pressure 4.5-7bar, dry-only (humidity 1.032g/m3 max.), oil filtered 0.1mg/m3 max., minimum flow-rate 20 Nl/min at 4.5bar, RECTUS 21KA connector type

Output Fluids

  • Water: min. 40ml/min. for AIRFLOW®, min. 30ml/min. for PIEZON®
  • Air: max pressure 5bar for AIRFLOW®
What is the lifetime of the WATER and NIGHT CLEANER BOTTLE?

The lifetime of the PIEZON®, Water and Night Cleaner Bottle is 5 years.

What is the lifetime of the AIRFLOW / PERIOFLOW / PIEZON handpieces?

The lifetime of the AIRFLOW® / PERIOFLOW® / PIEZON® Handpiece is 1000 sterilization cycles.

What is the lifetime of the Combitorque?

The lifetime of the Combitorque® is 1000 sterilization cycles.

How long are the air and water external hoses?

The air and water external hoses are 3m plus or minus 30mm.

Technical Details

Where can I find the Instructions for use?

Find the Instructions for use and Treatment Recommendations here:

How to install the AIRFLOW® device?

How to turn on/off the AIRFLOW® device?
    Press the button above the powder chamber. The device goes into operating mode.
    Press the button above the powder chamber. The device reverts back to standby.

Installation & Settings

Handpieces & Instruments

Powders & Powder Chambers

Infection Control


Warranty & Servicing


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