Learn how to take the new Guided Laminar AIRFLOW® Technology to the MAX.


Recommendations for use:


> Range of usage is between 15°- 80°
> Continuously adapt this angle during the treatment
> Avoid using the handpiece at 90°


> Work closer than the original AIRFLOW® Handpiece
> Keep the handpiece at 2mm - 5mm during treatment
> For heavy stains, keep the handpiece at maximum 2mm
> Over 5mm, the AIRFLOW MAX® handpiece will lose efficiency & result in powder accumulation


> Make continuous semi-circular movements
> Create small ‘smileys’ mesial to distal
> Never hold the handpiece stationary


> Power Setting: 20% - 60%
> Water Setting: 100%


AIRFLOW® MAX vs Original AIRFLOW® Handpiece

Is the AIRFLOW® MAX handpiece as gentle on dentine as the original AIRFLOW® handpiece?

> Gentler on the dentine
> Treatments are safer and more comfortable especially in patients with recession & sensitive teeth

The treatment area with the AIRFLOW MAX® is larger (+32%), distributing the energy & making treatments safer on the dentine.

Is the effectiveness and speed in removing biofilm the same ?

> Yes, it is the same or even better if recommendations are followed.

There is less noise, does this contribute to less efficiency?

> No. The effectiveness remains the same even though the MAX is more silent.

The recoil force is much lower, does it mean the efficiency is affected?

> No. Despite the lower haptic impression, the efficiency remains equivalent or better. This contributes to greater clinician comfort.

Removing stains is a challenge as the AIRFLOW® MAX takes longer and seems less effective. Is this true?

> Distance plays an important role during stain removal. Approx. 2mm distance is optimal for the AIRFLOW® MAX.
> If the distance is more than 5mm, the powder starts to accumulate on the surface preventing effective cleaning.

The water channel collapses, mixing the powder and water prematurely causing powder accumulation.

I see powder accumulation whilst working with the AIRFLOW® MAX Handpiece. What is going on?

> Powder accumulation means you need to adapt your angle and the distance as per the recommendations.
> Increase the angle and reduce the distance.

Our powder consumption has increased? Why is that?

> In comparison to the original AIRFLOW® handpiece, the AIRFLOW® MAX should be used closer to the tooth surface especially when removing stubborn stains. The treatment time should become faster and subsequently reduce powder consumption.
> ADJUST AND ADAPT your working parameters.

Is the comfort for the operator & comfort for the patient higher?


For the clinician, the AIRFLOW® MAX reduces the effort in the hand (recoil force) and in addition the noise level is lower.

For the patient: less pressure from the jet and better control of aerosols results in a gentler impact on the soft tissues. Hence improving overall patient compliance.

What about safety in children with the AIRFLOW® MAX? And in developing enamel?

> Yes absolutely safe.

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