Prior to restarting your AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master or AIFLOW® One please read the official IFU document from EMS and follow the below steps.


Disconnect your air line from your AIRFLOW® device.

Disconnect the air line quick connector from your compressor.

Quick Connector


Run your compressor to check whether there is excess moisture in the air line.

Tip: Use a Triplex Syringe on a mirror to see if there is any excess moisture coming from the air line.


Re-connect your air line to your AIRFLOW® device and turn on your device.

To check that there is no excess moisture coming through your device use the Tissue Moisture Test.

Tissue Moisture Test:

  • Hold a tissue over where the powder chamber sits.
  • Hold the tissue with two fingers on either side and engage the powder chamber button several times.
  • If you can see any moisture on the tissue, you have moisture in and your air line and your device cannot be used.
  • Please contact your technician to service your compressor.


Rinse with water to remove the Night Cleaner solution that you placed prior to shut down in the device.

The Night Cleaner is safe to leave in the lines for up to 3 months.
Start the rinsing process according to the official IFU document from EMS.

TIP: If you have time to plan ahead, run the Night Cleaner Process (as per the official IFU document from EMS) the day before seeing patients followed by the adjacent Night Cleaner rinsing steps.

Rinse the Night Cleaner about 4 – 5 times to ensure the water is flowing well through the lines and no more blue residue of Night Cleaner is flushing out of the cords.


Rinse and dry your water bottles so they are ready for patient use.

EMS recommends a weekly use of a bottle cleaning agent (e.g. BC-San 100 from Alpro Medical GmbH).


Discard any old powder left over in your chambers and replace with fresh powder.

Before you replace the powder, blow the chambers out with dry air using a compressed air line.


  • The PLUS powder chamber is designed for the PLUS powder. It can be used for supra and subgingival treatments.
  • The CLASSIC powder chamber is designed for the CLASSIC powder and can only be used for supragingival treatments.


Check your air and water filters.

Check both air and water filters for cleanliness. Filter colour has to be white without significant visible impurities. If not, replace the filter. If the water filter needs to be changed more than 3 times a year, please check the quality of your water line.

air and water filter


Re-bag and re-autoclave your AIRFLOW® and PIEZON® Handpieces.

EMS recommends the use of cleaning, disinfection, packaging for sterilization and sterilization procedures accordingly with ISO 17664.


Give your device a full wipe down with a neutral detergent prior to seeing patients.

Do not forget to dry the PIEZON® scaler and AIRFLOW® cord connections with a tissue to keep the connections dry. Ask your GBT Specialist for recommendations on neutral detergents as some detergents such as ViraClean can damage your device, voiding warranty.


You’re ready to use your AIRFLOW® device safely, smartly and successfully!

Remember to always follow your State and Territory’s ADA Infection Control Guidelines.

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