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Technical issues easily fixed.


> The device must be maintained and/or repaired by authorised EMS repair centres only.

> A yearly/2000 hours usage preventive maintenance is required as a means of safety and performance guarantee for both patient and user.

> When returning the device for service, it is recommended to ship the device in its original packaging for optimal protection against damage during transportation. Include the pedal, powder chamber, bottle and cords when sending the device.

> Should any other problems persist that are not listed in the troubleshooting, contact Handpiece Hotline (Australia), Ivoclar Vivadent (New Zealand) or one of our GBT Specialists for assistance.


AIRFLOW Dental Spa
The device is not turning on

The device is making a whistling noise

The device is on fire

The device is leaking

Water temperature is not warm enough

Too much powder or not enough water is coming out

LED Lights

Number 1 is solid orange

Automatic maintenance reminder.

It is time to send your device to your yearly maintenance service.

Number 1 is blinking orange

Number 2 is solid orange

The foot pedal 2x AA lithium batteries need to be replaced.

Number 3 is solid orange

Number 3 is blinking orange

Number 4 is blinking orange

Powder Chambers

Powder Chambers
Powder Chamber is not pressurizing

Powder chamber is leaking

White light is blinking at pressurization
Powder is spraying out at pressurization
Powder is not moving inside the chamber

Water & Disinfectant Bottle

Water & Disinfectant Bottle
The bottle is leaking

Night Cleaner is remaining after rinsing

Foot Control

Foot Control
Foot Control is not activating the device

Wired Foot Control is not working

Wireless Foot Control is not working


Water is dripping from device connection

Water is dripping from handpiece connection

The cord is leaking

AIRFLOW® Handpiece

AIRFLOW Handpiece
Water comes out but no air and powder

Little or no water is coming out

Too much powder is coming out

Handpiece was dropped
Handpiece connection is leaking
Cracks or stains have appeared

PIEZON® Handpiece

PIEZON Handpiece
Low or no movement of the tip/instrument

Little or no water is coming out
Handpiece has insufficient lighting
Cracks or stains have appeared

How to reprocess the PIEZON LED Handpiece

How to insert the PI tip/instrument

PERIOFLOW® Handpiece

Water comes out but no air and powder

Little or no water is coming out

Handpiece was dropped

Air / Water Hose

Air & Water Hose
Air hose was connected to water source