What your peers say about AIRFLOW ® & GBT


What Dentists Say

Dr Kevin Tims - Tauranga Dentists (Tauranga, New Zealand)

When I saw the EMS AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master, it immediately caught my attention. Sleek and sexy! Then I found out what it did. GBT? Polish the teeth first after disclosing? Then scale? Really? Seemed rather backward. So I tried doing this with what I had; a clip on air polisher and scaler. It made sense. I could see the difference. But my D.I.Y kit was inefficient and messy. Then I tried the Master Blaster! There was no going back. I had to have it. Impressive performance and ease of use. It's my most fun piece of kit I have. Worth every cent!

Dr Mary-Anne Slater (Wagga Wagga, NSW)

We now see a lot of hyper anxious patients who are much happier as the AIRFLOW® treatment is more comfortable and gentle. Key thing is not to hurt patients so this is key. GBT is perfect for sensitivity and recession. Sensitivity was a big issue with traditional cleaning. Now, no patients are complaining and our hygienist loves it. It's a game changer, it looks good and patients are very happy.

Dr Chris Taylor - Taylor Dental (New Plymouth, New Zealand)

AIRFLOW® and Guided Biofilm Therapy has been on our wish list for years. The recent employment of 2 experienced hygienists and the introduction of the new AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master prompted us to move.The benefits in terms of efficiency and efficacy are a substantial leap forward from the rubber cup and prophy paste. Our hygienists are excited and energized by the technology. Our patients are better served. Take the leap, you won't regret it.

Dr Martin Goldfeld - Caulfield Park Dentists (Melbourne, VIC)

About 6 months ago one of my awesome hygienists approached me excited about some new technology that she would like to implement at our practice. Deb approached me with a fairly detailed business plan regarding what we could achieve to save in time in the hygiene room by implementing AIRFLOW technology, included with the benefits for patient comfort as well as improved biofilm removal. As a business owner but also a dedicated dentist, hygiene and maintenance is a priority in my practice. This sounded like a no brainer. On top of the improved technology, we were looking at spinning our hygiene processes upside down. The main difference was doing our oral hygiene instruction with the patient at the beginning of the appointment and using simple disclosing solutions as part of the education process. A few weeks later the AIRFLOW machine was delivered and installed. Apart from a few teething issues the implementation was seamless and immediate report back from patients was that this was the best and most comfortable appointment with a hygienist they had ever experienced. The results with biofilm removal were also impressive.
As time went on and the AIRFLOW was being utilised by other members of our hygiene team the initial resistance turned to excitement and friendly in-house arguments regarding who got to use the AIRFLOW. My hygiene team once again cornered me to explain to me in no uncertain terms that a second AIRFLOW would be necessary as soon as possible. The order has been placed and we are waiting delivery!

Dr Susannah Wilson - Manawatu Dental Group (Palmerston North, New Zealand)

We had a flat out hygiene department that struggled to maintain hygiene particularly for ortho and implant patients. Disclosing just was too hard. GBT has improved our patient experience. They love the warmth of the water and non-contact of the AIRFLOW®. The best part is that wow after feeling. GBT & AIRFLOW® Dental Spa enables you to do things that you haven't done before. There is no going back.

Dr Nitish Surathu - Amber Dental (Gisborne, New Zealand)

I especially love the erythritol science, the kindness to soft tissue and the patient experience. Erythritol is a true game changer and the EMS AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is an exceptional piece of engineering.

Dr Bishoy Philobos - Delight Dental Spa (NSW, Australia)

Since I started practicing guided biofilm therapy using the EMS Airflow, it is hands down the only way I would want my own teeth cleaned. The comfort is unsurpassable, even when cleaning around areas of abrasion and gingival recession. The warm water is a game changer. Unlike other air prophylaxis units, the Airflow’s air and water pressure is controlled in a way where it is effective but isn’t stripping the gums.    

Following the GBT protocol ensures very effective outcomes for our patients with minimal trauma. Everyday, patients tell us how they’ve never had such a comfortable clean before.

Dr Clarence Tam - Tam Dental Group (Auckland, New Zealand)

The EMS erythritol powder has been a game changer. It is gentle for supra-and-subgingival control of both stain and biofilm. It has been pivotal in treatment of peri-implantitis and orthodontic bracket-associated gingival erythema and hyperplasia in our practices. As it has antibacterial and antioxidant properties in addition, it really does resonate with our philosophy of treating the health of the whole person whilst being minimally invasive.

What Dental Hygienists/OHT Say

Ashleigh Lilly - Dentalspa Geelong (Geelong, VIC)

I used to treat patients with the traditional techniques: Ultrasonic, hand instrumentation and prophy paste. What has changed for me since applying GBT are not only improved outcomes for my patients but also compliance to maintain good oral health and home care. I find with the AIRFLOW® and PIEZON® my patients also have a much more comfortable experience for their debridement appointments. The AIRFLOW® device is very user friendly and easy to operate. It is able to be easily adjusted for individual patient needs and the warm water option is a bonus, particularly for those sensitive patients. I have also found improved ergonomics and less strain on my body. After seeing the results for myself, it's proven to me that GBT is definitely the next big thing in dentistry. This innovative approach to periodontal/dental health is a benefit to both patients and operators a like.

Kel Krause - Bupa Dental Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD)

#GBTrevolution is a game changer with more people wanting to come and experience the new and comfortable way of having teeth and gums professionally cleaned. They want to come back!

Fiona Harris - St Ives Dental Group (NSW)

GBT has set the new standard in my practice, from warm water to 100% biofilm removal, not scared to disclose anymore! It's a #biofilmrevolution #GBTrevolution

Genevieve Greaves - AMR Dental (WA)

I love how it makes cleaning teeth and implants soooo much easier! Couldn't come sooner! Thank you EMS for producing a tool that fits with our modern times of technology. It's a winner on every level.

Simone Alexander - Dr Mary-Anne Slater (Wagga Wagga, NSW)

I love GBT & the AIRFLOW® Dental Spa because all my patients love it and I see the amazing results from using it every day! Thank you so much for making my job so much easier!

Kristine Latimer - North West Dental (TAS)

Our teeth cleaning appointments with the Prophy were hard work. With GBT we finally disclose during every treatment and our patient's love it. AIRFLOW® is gentle and efficient. We especially like the warm water, powder and water control. Best investment to our practice.

Tracy Hua - Periocare (QLD)

Before following the GBT protocol, patient comfort was poor. Now our patients are not only motivated to improve their oral hygiene but also enjoy the treatment especially due to the warm water.

Shida Taheri - Bonnyrigg Dental Surgery (NSW)

AIRFLOW® is the one dental product that never ceases to amaze me. The efficiency of AIRFLOW® is no comparison to your standard prophy. I believe this product has encouraged me to be a better clinician and ultimately improved patient experience and overall oral health. My patients actually look forward to their dental visits because they can not only feel but instantly see a better result with their prophylaxis.

Joyce Harnick - BC Dental (VIC)

My name is Joyce Harnick and I am a 35-year experienced periodontal dental hygienist. I have been trained using magnetostrictive scalers but recently had the opportunity to trial GBT with the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master supervised by Swiss Dental Academy trainer Deb Brown, on a patient with a full fixed upper implant bridge and periodontally involved mandibular dentition.I found GBT with the AIRFLOW® a game changer in terms of a modern-day prophylaxis. I also have had the system used on myself, for my recent maintenance. My teeth feel amazing, and the instrumentation was truly pain free on my sensitive teeth. Subsequently, I attended a full SDA training evening with Deb. Her professional instruction and comprehensive, hands on delivery of this system to our hygiene team, has convinced me it is time to update my dental hygiene protocol by incorporating GBT with the AIRFLOW® on every patient in our now currently accredited GBT with AIRFLOW® practice!

Liane Turner - Kincumber Dental Care (NSW)

I'm a GBT user, I follow the protocol and I love my AIRFLOW®. It has been over 2 years that I have been using it. The last practice owner I worked for didn't have the AIRFLOW® unit, he now has two. He bought one for us and was so blown away himself that he needed one for himself. As I said, it's a game changer.

Tiffany Rutter - The Whole Tooth (NSW)

GBT is a game changer in my practice because I can remove biofilm easily, gently and from some areas that may otherwise be inaccessible. And it's also fun to use! #GBTrevolution

Susan LaRochelle - South Yarra Dental Group (VIC)

I have been an AIRFLOW® user for many many years. I was first introduced to AIRFLOW® in university. After I graduated my first job was in Minnesota and I was so excited when my employer showed me around my new room and I saw an AIRFLOW® machine. I treat patients who would normally not want a treatment because they are afraid of pain and I explain how AIRFLOW® works and how gentle it is. I even use the words dental spa. And once you spray the water gently on their hands, all the sudden you can see their anxiety disappear. I can't tell you how many positive feedbacks I get on the daily basis. 28 years of positive feedback on a daily basis. I don't just feel good about AIRFLOW®, I feel great.

Jennefer Turnbull - Bupa Dental Brisbane (QLD)

We pride ourselves in setting the bar very high when it comes to the care and attention we give our patients. We've just installed this Baby [AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master] and couldn't be happier; our patients are more relaxed than ever.

Sahil Bareja - Shell Cove Dental (NSW)

GBT has changed my practice for the better, I now believe I am working to a new standard of care that can't be achieved without AIRFLOW® #gbtrevolution #warmwatergamechanger #aiflow=betterhealth

Anne Di Paolo - Wattletree Dental Clinic (VIC)

GBT/AIRFLOW® is a game changer for hygienists. It not only improves the way we are able to treat our patients and perio disease but also greatly improves their comfort levels with a final result that will ensure they return and keep their appointments. You can build a great rapport with your patients and keep a busy profitable schedule!

Desiree Bolado - Dental Care Group (VIC)

GBT & AIRFLOW®...not just an equipment it is an absolute life changer, my buddy at work and win win for dental professionals and patients! I highly recommend and definitely enjoy using this modern dental spa experience. Let's GBT and AIRFLOW® !! Woot woot !!

Vivienne Cunningham - Dr Peter Hardman (QLD)

Oh what a feeling the EMS AIRFLOW® brings !!! So thorough and so gentle is just makes me sing. A SUPER happy hygienist and patients are AMAZED. GBT is so BRILLIANT... I could chat about it for days! Teeth... implants.... dentures and braces...... GBT gives sparkling smiles to all of our faces.

Rachelle Johnson - Northwest Dental (TAS)

We adopted the GBT protocol at our practice nearly 12 months ago and I feel so lucky! It makes me excited, and then the patients get excited because it's faster, gentler and warmer than a traditional clean! My shirt should say airlician instead of clinician!
Put down your cups and paste….join the GBT revolution!#gbt #dentalspa

Denise Montry - BC Dental (VIC)

We used to do the more 'traditional' recall appointment, with a rubber cup polish at the finish. After being introduced to GBT and using AIRFLOW® all we can say is: We absolutely love it!! It's so much more efficient to remove the plaque first, and AIRFLOW® does an amazing job of plaque and stain removal. Patients really see the difference! I hated the prophy jet but couldn't love my AIRFLOW® more.

What Specialists Say

Dr Jeremy Vo (Periodontist) - Australian Dental Specialists (NSW)

My time before using AIRFLOW® & the Guided Biofilm Therapy protocol was a very sad situation with messy prophy powders that weren't really doing anything to help my patients. Since incorporating it in my practices I have seen improvements in my returning patients especially the ones with difficult problems that can now be fixed reasonably easy.It's a more comfortable experience not just for my patients but for me. Whilst I'm working, I can actually see the biofilm and stains coming off the surface of the tooth and from inside the perio pocket. Patients with implants actually have better long-term results.The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is extremely streamlined and can easily be integrated into your clinic - on benchtops and/or in a cupboard space.AIRFLOW® & Guided Biofilm Therapy is the future of dentistry!

Dr Marina Kamel (Periodontist) - Specialist Periodontist (QLD)

Guided biofilm therapy (GBT) distinguishes itself from other therapeutic alternatives as a more conservative, minimally invasive, highly efficacious, and comfortable way of debriding teeth and implant surfaces.
Historically, one of the biggest barriers to the maintenance of periodontal and peri-implant health is convincing patients, who experience high levels of sensitivity during therapy, to return for regular maintenance visits. With GBT’s cutting edge technology, speed of therapy and high-level of patient comfort, patients are now looking forward to their maintenance sessions. One of the biggest successes of GBT is the way it revolutionised the patient’s experience during maintenance therapy, and in-so-doing, has indirectly contributed to improved preservation of teeth and implants.

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