Patient Testimonials

"I have an AIRFLOW treatment every 6 months with my annual check-up. My dentist has been using AIRFLOW for years now and I cannot praise the experience enough! Since my first appointment - it was like WOW, this is amazing! It really is like a dental spa for your mouth. I couldn't think of going back to a traditional scale and clean with the pulling and pushing sensation of hand scalers. It really is an effortless experience and my teeth have never felt so clean."


"I had been wondering what all the hype was about the new ‘EMS AIRFLOW’. Having installed a few units across the state I thought I’d give it a go and be on the receiving end of a treatment for a change.
Well - in the famous words of the legendary Ted Bullpit (most of will know who I’m talking about) - “Tickle me Pink and Pickle me Grandmother”, I’ve got teeth I never knew I had!!"

Patient at Dr Stephen Pohan

"The best clean that I have ever had! My teeth feel silky smooth & I didn’t feel any pain. The warm water was a pleasant surprise – it felt like a spa in my mouth! You should see my teeth now, they have never looked so white (my wife is ecstatic) & I didn’t have to pay for a whitening treatment. No one scratched or poked my teeth & there was none of that gooey messy stuff. GBT will now be my go-to treatment & I’ll be recommending it to all my friends and family! I’m now a GBT convert!"

Colin, 60 years old
Patient at Sydney Dental Hospital

"As I have got older I have developed receding gums so usually need local anaesthetic when I have my regular scale and polish. I heard about AIRFLOW® so decided it was worth a try and I'm so glad I did, it was absolutely painless and over very quickly - My teeth still feel really smooth and clean, I'm definitely a convert - no more post anaesthetic dribbling for me!"

Toni, 55 years old
Patient at South Perth Dental Surgery

"I used to put off my hygiene appointments for as long as possible. I hated the cold water, the painful scaler and the horrid gritty paste and occasional trays overfilled with disgusting gel. Well, a couple of years ago, Dr Nixon bought some AIRFLOW units that made some remarkable changes to my 6 monthly visits. I now can’t wait for my Dental Spa session, it’s warm, gentle & painless. I love my visits to my dental team, & I know I’m getting the best care."

Mandy, 40 years old
Patient at Honeysuckle Dental

"Having only ever experienced traditional scale and cleans, it was a wonderful experience to try the EMS AIRFLOW and GBT treatment. It was both painless and extremely comfortable especially since I suffer from some sensitivity. I found the warm water alleviated this sensitivity. I've had some stains that I always thought were more of a permanent stain but the AIRFLOW removed them completely. After it was finished my teeth felt nice and clean, far cleaner than after a traditional scale and clean from the past. I would recommend this treatment to anyone."


"AIRFLOW is fun. I liked the colours on my teeth first and thought the water tickled."

Ari, 6 years old
Patient at Grass Roots Dental

"I had my GBT clean at Dr Chris Barker's practice on 26 June 2020. It was the best dental experience I have ever had. It was very professionally done with the utmost of care. GBT is a very good tool to show patients exactly why and how to have their teeth cleaned and maintained. I would highly recommend the GBT clean to everybody and recommend patients look around to find a practice which offers this treatment."


"For me, the cleaning process was quick, very comfortable and the results were brilliant- my teeth were so clean! The session ended with some final tips about keeping my teeth clean in between appointments and then I was on my way with a big, clean smile on my face!"


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