Samantha Ryan Headshot

Samantha Ryan

Samantha Ryan is an experienced Oral Health Therapist graduating from The University of Melbourne in 2005. Samantha has dedicated 19 years to the field, primarily at Smile Solutions, where she honed her skills in dental therapy, periodontal cleaning and orthodontics developing a passion for improving patients oral health.

In her current role as Professionals Partnerships Lead with Dsmile, an Australian made sustainable dental products company, her expertise and commitment for fostering collaborations and relationships shines. She continues to provide direct patient care at Dspa, ensuring her clinical skills remain sharp and her patient interactions are grounded in the latest advancements.

A pivotal moment in Samantha's career came in 2021 when she adopted EMS GBT airflow technology, sparking a new phase of professional growth. Aiming to enhance patient outcomes and share her knowledge with colleagues and dental professionals alike.

Samantha is dedicated to delivering exceptional dental care and collaborative learning within the dental community.

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