Interview with EMS Oceania General Manager Andreas Schulz

By Medi-Dent

This article originally appeared in the Medi-Dent magazine.

40 years after inventing PIEZON® technology, EMS remains the gold standard in ultrasonic scaling. We spoke to Andreas Schulz, General Manager at EMS Oceania to discover why EMS PIEZON® No Pain technology continues to be at the forefront of dental technology today.


Firstly Andreas, what is PIEZON® No Pain technology?

The PIEZON® No Pain module, handpieces and instruments trilogy can be integrated into almost any dental unit on the market or ordered as a factory fitted option. PIEZON® No Pain technology is an intelligent feedback system that detects the resistance on the instrument while scaling and automatically increases or decreases the power of vibration. We know surface damage increases when working with high lateral pressure. With PIEZON® technology there is no temptation to push on the calculus. Clinicians simply apply the instrument and let the vibration do the job for them, saving their hands and wrists. The technology helps clinicians deliver high quality care, effectively with the absence of any pain or discomfort to the patient.

PIEZON No Pain Trilogy

Image 1: The PIEZON® No Pain Trilogy: PIEZON® No Pain Module, PIEZON® No Pain Handpiece and PIEZON® No Pain Instrument. All must be used in perfect unison to achieve the PIEZON® No Pain effect.

PIEZON Instrument

Image 2: The PIEZON® No Pain PS Instrument recommend for use in 95% of ALL cases

EMS are only recommending the use of a handful of instruments, why is that?

Whilst other brands suggest around 20 Instruments for a full mouth debridement, EMS has developed the original PIEZON® PS No Pain Instrument that does it all. With a wide range of applications – the PS No Pain Instrument can be used in 95% of ALL cases. Slim like a probe, the PS Instrument is slim enough to reach narrow interproximal spaces, long enough to debride effectively in deep pockets and powerful enough to get rid of the hardest calculus. With its precise interaction between the handpiece and the PIEZON® No Pain module, it ensures perfect linear transmission of energy without any lateral impact by circular or other amplitudes, and it is therefore also quiet and virtually painless for the patient.

For special situations like extremely hard calculus, EMS has dedicated and efficient instruments. The PIEZON® P Instrument is mainly used for the removal of stubborn, hard sub- and supragingival calculus and concretions in all quadrants, up to 4 mm only. The PIEZON® PSR and PSL Instruments are recommended for difficult-to-reach distal and mesial interproximal surfaces with superior efficacy and comfort, subgingival and supragingival, up to 8 mm. The PIEZON® PSR & PSL Instruments feature superior efficacy in heavy calculus removal compared to the PIEZON® PS NO PAIN Instrument. They save time, especially during initial periodontal therapy and are indicated for adult patients only. The PIEZON® PI Instrument features a tip-coating made of high-tech Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) fiber that safely cleans the sensitive surfaces of implant abutments and restorations. It easily debrides plaque with surgical precision thanks to its linear movements and medical-grade stainless steel. It’s ideal for minimally invasive implant maintenance and for maximum patient comfort.

You openly warn against using compatible, copied, or counterfeit products. Why is this important?

The PIESON® PS Instrument is probably the most copied ultrasonic device in the world! Delivering pain free ultrasonic scaling is a science that requires both clever technology and high-quality manufacture.  There are always less expensive options but purchasing an EMS product is an investment in both clinical efficiency and most importantly, patient comfort. “Compatible” copy tips may have a lower price, but they resist many less treatments and sterilization cycles than the original and are not warranted for use with EMS units. Whilst most copy tips have a lifespan of 100 to 200 scaling treatments, the PIEZON® PS No Pain Instrument lasts 1000 instruments. Why buy worthless copy tips, if one use of an original PIEZON® PS No Pain Instrument costs only 10-15 cents?


Buying counterfeit products poses a considerable risk, because teeth and gingiva can be damaged, and this jeopardizes our mission – that of happy and healthy patients. If patients perceive their treatment as uncomfortable, they will not attend the recall. Furthermore, copies can damage the perfectly matched EMS components or impair their performance. Therefore, even though copy tips can be bought at a relatively lower price, they cost you: time, efficiency, safety, treatment predictability and patient comfort.

Damaged vs Undamaged EMS Instrument

Image 3: On the left: DAMAGED – Cheap copy tips overload the sonotrode and severely shorten its life span. On the right: UNDAMAGED – EMS Swiss Instruments in in harmony with the sonotrode and guarantee years of use.

How important is it to replace your instruments?

It is crucial to replace any instrument once the wear has reached 2 mm. Worn instruments become less effective in calculus removal and can cause discomfort. Up to 2 mm of wear, the PIEZON® PS No Pain Instrument can ensure No Pain treatment and full comfort for your patient. EMS provides Instrument Check Cards with each device to check whether your EMS Instruments need replacing. Regular replacement delivers measurable treatment efficacy. To get a free EMS Instrument Check Card, visit

PIEZON PS Training Tool

Image 4: The PIEZON® PS Training Tool to perfect your PIEZON® skills.

EMS has a big focus on education, how are you supporting clinicians in their use of PIEZON® technology?

Even when one is equipped with the best technology in the market, nothing beats proper training in order to achieve the PIEZON® No Pain effect. EMS has a PIEZON PS Training Tool available which can be requested from EMS directly via The dedicated training tool helps clinicians maximize success with their patients. Proper settings, angulation, adaptation, adequate pressure, and movement are key to delivering efficient, minimally invasive and comfortable treatments.

EMS hosts dedicated PIEZON® and ergonomics Swiss Dental Academy training courses. Thanks to these training courses, your entire team is trained in the application of PIEZON® to ensure successful, standardized treatments. Visit to view our latest training courses. The 2022 calendar will be announced shortly.

Why is the use of PIEZON & original EMS instruments more important now than ever?

We know that patients are more now than ever concerned with health issues, especially in light of COVID-19. And this is why the use of PIEZON® and original EMS Instruments is so vital: if I replace an original instrument with an inferior copy, the medical objective will never be achieved. If fake instruments are used, we cannot fulfill our promise to patients of providing both thorough and painless treatments.  The patient’s health and smile are at considerable risk.