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It Takes Two

From Good to Great Teamwork

Speaker: Sarah Laing

Thursday, 18th November 2021 | 8.00pm (AEST)

About the Webinar

How do you create, manage and sustain effective teams? Safe and effective patient care depends on the teamwork of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals.

Join Sarah Laing as she shares and discusses her thoughts on team effectiveness.

Common challenges to teamwork in healthcare are identified along with evidence-based strategies for overcoming them.

At the completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

Recognise the behaviours and personalities in your team development

Create strategies to unify your team

Manage the relationships within your team

Sustain team productivity

Learn how teamwork can benefit dentistry and your patient care

Implement a patient communication framework

Webinar Speaker

Sarah Laing

Sarah Laing
Dental Hygienist

Sarah Laing is a Dental Hygienist and Clinical Educator, who practices with Dr Sara Byrne, Periodontist, is the Clinical Coordinator at D-spa Group and currently engaged as a sessional Clinical Educator at the University of Melbourne.

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