A New Defence Against Plaque in Orthodontic Patients

Speaker: Vivienne Cunningham

About the Webinar

Orthodontics is classified as a major public health risk due to increased biofilm accumulation during treatment and the difficulty for both the clinician and the patient to control it. The hygienist’s role before, during and after orthodontic treatment plays a critical role in ensuring biofilm control.

Vivienne Cunningham is a dental therapist and dental hygienist with over 33 years’ experience as a dental professional in orthodontics and establishing successful hygiene departments.
In this exclusive webinar, Vivienne will discuss the complications that can arise from orthodontics and increased biofilm accumulation, the control of dental caries and gingival inflammation as well as techniques to motivate your patient at home.

When patients present to the general practice and the specialist orthodontic practice, the treatment for preventive care can be more complex and sometimes time-consuming. Vivienne will discuss ways to ensure improved professional preventative care outcomes with a positive patient experience and within a more efficient frame.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand complications of poor biofilm control in orthodontic patients with both mixed and adult dentition
  • Understand motivational tips and methods for the orthodontic patient
  • Understand how GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY can help prevent disease in the orthodontic patient
  • Understand how often and when the orthodontic patient should be seen for preventative care

Webinar Speaker

Vivienne Cunningham (2)

Vivienne Cunningham
Dental Hygienist

Vivienne Cunningham is a dental hygienist & dental therapist with over 33 years of experience in the dental industry. Her career started in Queensland Health and transitioned to Private Practice in 2006.

Her biggest interest is in Orthodontics and establishing hygiene departments within long-standing dental practices. She is passionate about making patients feel special and inspiring them to better care for their mouths and hence their overall wellbeing.

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