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My GBT Journey

From Implementation to Game Changer

Sarah Cash

In this exclusive Facebook Live, Sarah will talk about her personal journey with GBT. She places biofilm disruption at the center of every patient visit which has led to a more comfortable patient experience with the use of minimal invasive dentistry and she has seen more treatment acceptance with improved clinical outcomes. All her appointments involve the clinician and patient working together to manage oral health issues focusing on preserving tooth tissue and not removing it.


About the Webinar

Sarah will discuss:

How she encouraged her practice to start the journey with GBT

The use of GBT as a practice builder

The response from patients

Sarah Cash

About the Speaker

Sarah Cash is a passionate Hygienist on the Gold Coast who puts her patients’ interests first. Since implementing GBT into her practice in 2019, it’s changed her way of working and she’s been a GBT advocate in preventive dental care ever since!

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