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How to Shift Your Hygiene Department to the Next Level

Dr Andrea Shepperson

Hear from an experienced Kiwi Clinician who has implemented Guided Biofilm Therapy and created distinction in their services.


About the Webinar

Patients often undervalue their hygiene visit and it is often the appointment that is cancelled first. How can we use Guided Biofilm Therapy and AIRFLOW® technology to get loyalty, value and market differentiation, as well as produce biologically better results in disease management?

Learning Objectives

What does biofilm mean to patients?

The messaging that we offer, in communication and marketing

Assessing the results for your practice

Increasing productivity using Guided Biofilm Therapy

Dr Andrea Shepperson

About the Speaker

Dr Andrea Shepperson is one of Australasia’s best-known speakers. She has been speaking internationally for over 20 years and contributes as a consultant and mentor to young clinicians throughout New Zealand and Australia.

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