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GBT Certified Success

Unveiling Advanced GBT Techniques for Clinical Excellence and Profitability

Speaker: Tabitha Acret

Monday, 11th December 2023 | 7.30pm (NZDT)

1.5 CPD Hours

About the Webinar

Led by renowned hygienist, Tabitha Acret, this free webinar is a unique opportunity for both long-term GBT users and newcomers to enhance their skills and stay at the forefront of the latest advancements in dental prevention care. Tabitha, having helped integrate GBT into thousands of practices, will also provide insights on how to maximize your practice’s profitability.

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Webinar Highlights

GBT Certification Renewal

Participate in this hands-on webinar to extend your GBT Certification status for an additional two years, ensuring you remain at the cutting edge of biofilm management.

 Free GBT Training Tool

Receive a complimentary GBT Training Tool upon registration with exclusive AIRFLOW®, PERIOFLOW® and PIEZON® training models to practice and refine you GBT techniques!

*The Training Tool will be sent to your GBT Certified dental practice.

Aerosol Management

Learn essential techniques for effective aerosol management during GBT procedures.

Live GBT Treatment Demonstration

Witness a live GBT treatment guided by Tabitha Acret. From probing and assessment to recall, Tabitha will showcase the complete GBT process, with tips and tricks for optimal treatment outcomes.

Comprehensive Applications of GBT

Explore all 22 applications of GBT, including its relevance in orthodontics, restorative dentistry, implants, special needs, geriatrics, and more. Tabitha will delve into practical insights and personal case studies to demonstrate GBT's versatility.

Profitability Strategies

Gain valuable insights from Tabitha Acret on how to integrate GBT effectively into your practice to enhance patient outcomes while boosting profitability.

About the Speaker

Tabitha Acret Headshot

Tabitha Acret
Oral Health Therapist

Tabitha Acret is a dedicated and passionate award-winning Dental Hygienist. Since qualifying, Tabitha has become one of the most sought-after Hygienists and Educators in Australia and internationally with a fast-growing and loyal customer base of patients, dental professionals and media.

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