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A Dream Clean Adhesive Regime

Applications & Implications of AIRFLOW® in Restorative Dentistry

Prof Ian Meyers

Contemporary restorative dentistry relies on developing the best possible adhesive interface between the tooth structure and the restoration. Key to this is creating the ideal tooth surface to ensure optimal mechanical and chemical bonding when using adhesive restorative materials.


Prof Ian Meyers

About the Speaker

Professor Ian Meyers is currently in general dental practice and is an honorary professor of The University of Queensland School of Dentistry. Professor Ian Meyers brings over thirty-five years of combined experience in dental research, clinical dentistry, private practice, university clinics and hospital-based dental clinics. He is fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, International College of Dentists, Academy of Dentistry International, and the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

Among his previous positions are the inaugural Colgate Chair of Dental General Practice Dentistry, Chief Dental Officer for Queensland Health, and President of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Dental Association.

As a general dental practitioner, Ian Meyers has extensive experience in comprehensive patient care and has a special interest in diagnosis and management of worn and broken down dentition, geriatric and aged care dentistry, adhesive restorative dental materials, fibre-reinforced composites, and the management of patients through minimum intervention dentistry.

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