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The Man who Connected Dentistry, Sleep & Breathing

Roger Price

Join Roger Price from Breathing Well, internationally recognised as "The Man who Connected Dentistry, Sleep and Breathing"  for this exclusive Facebook Live.


About the Webinar

Roger developed ‘The Breathing Well’ program to address problems caused by dysfunctional breathing and posture which typically develop due to our current lifestyle. He’ll go into the root causes of the symptoms to ensure not only your patients are breathing better but you are too.

Learning Objectives

Better understand the relationship between posture, breathing and good health

How to look after the ‘person attached to the symptoms’ rather than the ‘symptoms attached to the person’

Journey into the progressive involvement of the dental profession into what has traditionally appeared to be a strictly medical issue

Roger Price

About the Speaker

Roger Price is an internationally recognised integrative health educator with more than 60 years of experience in various aspects of human health, growth and development.

For the past 20 years, he has been working with dentists and orthodontists to correct the erroneous belief that the raft of chronic diseases caused by fractionated sleep and disturbed sleep cycles—are sleep disorders. This is, in the vast majority of cases, untrue. People do not wake because they cannot sleep; it is because they cannot breathe.

He is the Director of Professional Services at the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences.

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