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Multidisciplinary Dental Practice

Let's Make Dental Hygiene/OHT Department Intentional, Profitable and Effective!

Dr David Kerr & Robyn Russell

Maybe you don’t have a Hygiene Department, or you have a Hygiene Department but you think it might not be performing or it's half-baked or maybe you’re a dental hygienist/OHT that wants to add more value to their patients and practices?


About the Webinar

Dental Hygiene departments have been around for a long time down under but are often considered “to get cleans out of the dentists' schedule”. David and Robyn will challenge this and address ways to:

Innovate, empower and drive productivity

Work towards a multidisciplinary model of practice to be a profit centre

Ensure outstanding outcomes for our patients


About the Speakers

David Kerr is a general dentist in Brisbane with a medium to large sized multidisciplinary practice with 8 surgeries and all the modern technology money can buy. He is passionate about the multidisciplinary approach to modern dental practice, utilising the skills, education and empowering of his team especially including Dental Hygienists and Oral Health Therapists (of which he employs 5) to achieve outstanding patient outcomes. David has cofounded the Dental Health Network, which is a group to debate, support and educate all things relevant to modern day dental practice.


Robyn Russell has worked in Dentistry for over 20 years and has been an Oral Health Therapist since 2005. Robyn is a mum of two girls, and is the current Editor of the DHAA Bulletin, she also contributes articles to Australasian Dentist and to overseas publications. She has worked with David for the past 10y ears and has played a pivotal role in the development of systems and protocols which have ensured a strong patient retention base that continues to grow. She is a firm believer in the multidisciplinary approach to dental practice with everyone working to their ultimate ceiling scope. Robyn actively seeks opportunities to educate her peers as she has both witnessed and experienced the burn out and disillusionment that can occur as a result of career based around repetitive tasks. She has spent many years as a mentor and has a degree in Psychology. Robyn and David are interested in creating robust discussions within the dental landscape which disrupts the current narrative. They enjoy creating stimulating dialogue whilst challenging the everyday thoughts of individual practitioners.

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