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The Power of Air-Polishing Powders

Dr Annamaria Sordillo

As dental professionals, it is simply amazing to think how many different instruments, materials and chemical components surround you in your room. Yet, you know exactly when and how to use a particular restorative material, a certain bur or a specific curette. But it is the same with air-polishing powders?


About the Webinar

Whether you are already “going with the flow” or still thinking about it, join this FB Live and journey through the evolution of powder technology.

Learning Objectives

All you need to know about powders

What is available on the market today

Why powders’ chemical and physical properties are important to you and your patients.

Dr Annamaria Sordillo

About the Speaker

Dr Sordillo graduated in 2016 from the University of Brescia in Italy where she was part of the periodontology research group lead by the renowned Professor Magda Mensi. Her interests include preventive dentistry and oral surgery and she is well-versed in the use of the signature EMS AIRFLOW product range. Dr Sordillo moved to Australia in January 2017 to live with her Australian partner and is supporting EMS in Australia as a Clinical Writer. Since September 2020 she works in private practice in the Hunter Valley.

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